What makes a Top Quality Shoe ?

what makes a quality shoe

What makes a Top Quality Shoe ?

The entire shoe is hand finished to remove sharp edges.

The nail holes match E head nails accurately such that the nails stay tight in the shoe – try this simple test – remove the shoe after it has been worn for 2-3 weeks – the nail will still be tight – they will not fall out and they’re hard to pull out. The nails match the shoes and the benefit is that the shoes will stay where they have been fitted and not become loose.

A – All designs are concave section – this significantly reduces the risk of sub solar bruising and lameness. The concave section offers increased grip and encourages freeing of turf out of the hoof by offering a continuation of the natural line of the sole and pedal bone.

B – All heels are boxed and ‘safed off’ – the edges are rasped and bevelled off for safety – this allows the farrier to achieve the right length, support and cover on the heels – thus ensuring soundness.

C – All clips are formed to the correct size for the shoe section – not too big, not too small, not too thin – they won’t end up pointing forward and they don’t break off.

D – Pre formed breakover – hence they suit the horse better as soon as they are fitted – the horse doesn’t need to ‘ break in ‘ shoes by wearing the breakover.

E – The shoes are designed to take E head nails and the nail holes have been properly located so that coarseness varies from toe to heel.

Many shoes have some of the above benefits – only Malaysian offer you all the benefits! Drop forging produces shoes manufactured to higher standards of accuracy and fit.

The section ( ie the width and depth of the steel from which the shoe is made ) increases progressively with shoe size thus guaranteeing the right width, cover and support for each hoof size. Most shoes only use a couple of different sections regardless of the size of the hoof.

The main benefit of a progressive section change is that the shoes fit the hoof a lot more accurately giving maximum support for the heel and leg without causing concussive forces on the sole.

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